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Welcome! a safe place where we openly share about our relationships with our pets. 

Whether with people or animal companions, relationships are relationships, and - like any other connection - they can be complicated. 

Here, we talk about ALL the feelings -  love, loss, grief, companionship, and all of the beautiful ordinary moments in between.

...and the HARD feelings too -  shame, frustration, disappointment, resentmentFeelings don't fit into concrete categories - they overlap, they change, they're unique yet universal.

We also talk A LOT about bereavement here - often a disenfranchised type of grief.

I've found that by hearing others' experiences, we  have

AH-HA! moments when we see our feelings reflected in a way we couldn't have put into our own words. We feel seen. Understood.

Losing my “soul dog” crushed me, leaving me buried in a hole I couldn't see a way out of. Subsequently, adopting my next dog created a different type of grief I could have never anticipated. I felt ashamed that I struggled to connect with her, and it felt taboo to talk about...and that is how "Pet Therapy Notes" was born.

I dusted off my journal and wrote, and wrote, and wrote some more. I got the feelings out of my body and onto paper. And when I shared my writing and reading that of others, I started to heal.

While writing can be healing, it can also be painful. Tips here

So, let's talk...

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