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Welcome! a safe place where we openly share about our relationships with our pets. 

Those who have loved a pet deeply understand the unique connection we share with them. When our pet leaves our life, we not only lose their physical presence but also a part of ourselves. We lose our source of unconditional love and support, the silent witness to the most personal moments of our lives, and the routine and structure that shaped our days.

​While many report the loss of a pet being harder to reconcile than the loss of a family member, grief related to pet loss remains a type of disenfranchised grief. Unlike the mourning associated with losing a person, there is an implicit expectation to carry on with our lives and work. We may not feel we have permission to experience it as a valid loss. Here, it is valid.

​We all experience grief differently, and some work through it with more ease than others. While we never get over the loss, we can move forward, and as we work through it, in time, the grief begins to manifest with more love than pain.


We often have a hard time articulating what we are feeling, but when we read it in someone else's experience, we see our feelings reflected back to us. Expressing our grief through writing is healing not only for ourselves but also for others.

In addition, I talk about strained relationships with pets - something that feels taboo to admit. All dogs are not the "Hallmark " dogs we thought we would get, and that can be hard to live with (fearful, behavioral issues). Other types of loss include pet loss due to a pet going missing, having to re-home your beloved pet, the transition of bringing another pet into your life, and the feelings of guilt and shame that may surround these circumstances. 

I believe writing is a form of healing. Here, we talk about ALL the feelings.

So, let's talk...

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