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This site started as a page for pet loss but evolved into a safe place where I talk openly about our relationships with pets, which are sometimes complicated, hence, “Pet Therapy Notes.”

On this site, I address grief, disenfranchised losses such as losing a pet due to rehoming, and advocate for working with fearful dogs despite the emotional burden that may come with it. I also talk about the positive, life-changing relationships we share with our pets, so I promise it's not morbid.

Losing my “soul dog” was the most difficult loss I ever faced. I adopted a dog too quickly, naively thinking that would alleviate my pain, but only led to a complicated relationship with her. I felt alone because people don’t talk about hating their dog (an exaggeration), but when I write with honesty, it’s truly a gift to people to read what they've been afraid to say, and validating their experience. I believe that speaking our truth and owning our stories is the greatest antidote to shame, and that is one of the bravest things we can do. So, let's talk...