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understanding and coping with grief.


Why We Need to Take Pet Loss Seriously

What Most People Don't Get About Pet Loss

Pet Bereavement is No Different than Human Bereavement

Four Steps to Take After Experiencing Pet Loss

What if The Pain of Pet Loss Becomes Too Much to Bear

Owning a Dog Eventually Leads to Suffering and That's OK

My Pet Died and I Can't Stop Crying

The Moment After: Surviving Pet Loss

9 Myths About Pet Loss and What the Truth Really Is

Why Your Dog's Death May Be the Most Difficult Event of Your Life

self care during grief.​

99 Nurturing Activities Helpful During the Grief Process

7 Self-Care Essentials While Grieving the Death of a Pet



Blame, Shame and Guilt: Making Decisions for Our Pets

Dealing With Guilt After Pet Loss

euthanasia due to behavioral issues.

Trolls, Bullies, and Keyboard Warriors

Falling Short: Lessons In Letting Go

Euthanizing Aggressive Dogs: Sometimes Its the Best Choice

When Is It Time To Put Down a Dog Who Is Aggressive to People?

The Rescue Dog That Couldn't Be Rescued


pet loss due to getting lost or stolen.​

Incomplete Endings: Coping With a Runaway or Lost Pet

losing pets to divorce.​

Complicated Grief: Losing Your Pets From a Lost Relationship

Losing a Pet Due to Divorce or Breakup

adopting after loss.​

The Gift of a Great Dog (Part 1)

Species of Grief: My father died. Then my dog died. I’m not sure which variety of grief is worse (Part 2)

The Bridge Dog


not getting the pet you expected after loss.​

Is Your Pet Perfect - No

On Expectations and Disappointments: Love the One You're With

knowing when it's time.​

Euthanasia: How Do I Know When the Time Is Right for My Pet?

Hospice Care Offered to Ill Pets; Grieving Owners

Crossing The Rainbow Bridge: Signs That the End of Life Is Near

How to Cope When Your Pet is Ill

Considering Your Pert's Quality of Life in the Midst of Disease

what do i do with my pet's things.​

The Quiet House and Empty Dog Bed, Coping After Pet Loss

children + pet loss.​

Children and Pets: Grief Resources (Link Includes Many Articles on this Topic)

Support, Nurture & Love: Talking to Children About Pet Loss

Helping Children Cope With a Pet's Euthanasia

Being Brave for Bailey: Children and the Death of Their Pets

grieving pets.​

How the Loss of a Pet Affects Other Pets

How Animals Grieve

ways to offer support to someone who has lost a pet.​

Helping Another With Pet Loss

Offering Support: What to Say (or not) to a Grieving Animal Lover

6 Ways to Say, "I Care" To Friends Who Are Facing Pet Loss

My Dog Gracie's Death Absolutely Devastated Me. Please don't say she was 'Just A Pet."

​​grief + the veteranarian​

Veterinarians Are Killing Themselves. An Online Group Is There to Listen and Help

my favorite book.

The Loss of a Pet - Wallace Sife, PhD


Liz's Story: Tovi's Gift (Story of Pet Therapy Notes)

The story of Pet Therapy Notes! - Believe in Dog Podcast

Dog Mom and Dad Roundtable: Shy & Fearful Dogs

Coming to term with not having the dog you planned

Grief - Kristen Buller, MA, LCSW 

Veterinary Social Worker on Grief

Click here for Kristen's blog on various aspects of pet loss

Bringing Clinical Training to the Problem of Special Needs Pets

Kristen Buller, MA, LCSW - Interview on Pet Life Radio

"A Song for my Dog"






Chasing Butterflies

"A Song for my Dog"


A podcast about how a dog can change our lives. Hundreds of interviews on a variety of dog related topics.

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