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Liz's Story: Tovi's Gift (Story of Pet Therapy Notes)

The story of Pet Therapy Notes! - Believe in Dog Podcast

Dog Mom and Dad Roundtable: Shy & Fearful Dogs

Coming to term with not having the dog you planned

Grief - Kristen Buller, MA, LCSW 

Veterinary Social Worker on Grief

Click here for Kristen's blog on various aspects of pet loss

Bringing Clinical Training to the Problem of Special Needs Pets

Kristen Buller, MA, LCSW - Interview on Pet Life Radio

Mr. Rogers Talks About Losing a Pet

Public TV personality Mr. Rogers talks about losing his dog Mitzy as a child. Death and loss affect us all and nobody puts that into better perspective than, Mr. Rogers.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Podcast about grief by Nora McInerny. Deals with death, loss and coming through trauma. But her approach to theese tough subjects is saturated with love and humor. 

Hallmark TED Talk: We Don't Move On From Grief. We Move Forward Through It


Chasing Butterflies

"A Song for my Dog"

Purchase available on iTunes or stream on Spotify, from the album "Depending on the Weather"- Frankly Speaking/Jordon Schneider


A Dog Is a Friend 

Available on the album "The Very Best Of Jimmy Scott, Songwriter"'

Like My Dog

Billy Currington 

When You Come Home - A Song Your Dog Wrote

Brendan Biondi


If I Could Talk (This is a hard video to watch, but incredibly powerful)

Shawn Welling - A friend to share the ups and downs of life with him -- and, soon, his family. "If I Could Talk" gives this dog the one chance he wants to share his thoughts.

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